Energy Management And What It Really Means To Be Energy Efficient

In essence, energy management is a term used to closely manage the energy usage within homes, businesses and organisations by being as energy efficient as you can be. If we as individuals are energy efficient, then we can reduce our household bills and spend our savings on something more fun and exotic, like an Anna Maria Holiday. On a larger scale, our individual efforts can have a really positive effect on the planet too.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at what it really means to be energy efficient and how, by utilising some simple energy management skills, you as an individual can reduce your monthly bills.


Things that you can do today

  • Turn down the water heater to a slightly lower setting
  • Insulate your water heater with a blanket
  • Change your lights to energy efficient bulbs
  • Turn off and unplug equipment when not in use, such as TV’s, coffee makers, phone chargers etc.
  • Open curtains on a south facing window in order to let light flood naturally into your home.


Things to do this week

  •  Good energy management involves checking for any gaps in the seals around your windows. If found, then some simple sealant should do the trick.
  • Check out your heating and cooling systems to see if they are running at maximum efficiency. You might want to get these serviced or at least checked out.
  • Install timer switches so that items such as washing machines come on when the electricity is cheaper.
  • Check for draughts under doors and windows and buy draught excluder’s if necessary. A simple tip here is by having thick curtain linings attached to your curtains which will reduce draughts caused through ill fitting windows.


Things to do this month

  •  An easy way to see if your energy management efforts are making a difference is to go through your latest utility bills and target the area where you think you are losing the most money. Then compare figures against your next bills.
  • If you haven’t already done so then insulate your hot water pipes
  • If you don’t have one, then look at installing a programmable thermostat which will enable you to regulate the temperature of your home more easily.
  • Talk to a professional about an energy management audit to see where else you could be saving money. There are lots of energy audit companies who can check out your house room by room and also look closely at your utility bills to see where the savings can be made.


Things that you can do this year

  • Insulate your house including the attic
  • Think about replacing ageing and temperamental appliances because even if your equipment may see you through a couple more years, newer models are likely to be far more energy efficient and will easily recompense you for your initial outlay.
  • Planting shady trees and shrubs is another simple but effective energy management tip because by doing this, you can reduce the amount of time your air conditioning system is on in the summer and this ultimately means reducing your costs.


If you can look at every aspect of your home from an energy management point of view and take action accordingly, then chances are that you can and will save yourself money on your household bills.

KB Racking Inc. Unveils Distinctive Lightweight Solar Racking Program For Ontario

KB Racking is releasing its revolutionary AeroRack model for the Canadian market place at Canada’s largest solar conference next week. The Canadian affiliate of Knubix GmbH Germany, a global leader in flat roof mounting systems, will reveal its ideal-in-class racking system at the CanSIA Solar Canada show. KB Racking can be found at booth #828 in the Toronto Metro Convention Center on December 6th and 7th.

The company’s flagship product, AeroRack, employs a special aerodynamic style that demands practically no ballast. Even with the weight of the solar PV module, the method adds less than 2 lbs per square foot to a roof. The system is designed so that roof penetration is unnecessary. In addition, the mounting uses a patented speedy click approach that makes it quicker to install than conventional mounting systems. KB Racking’s experience with difficult roofs in Europe demonstrates the advanced technique’s effectiveness for Ontario’s structurally weaker roofs. AeroRack has been tested in extreme windy and snowy weather conditions and comfortably exceeds all specifications for the Ontario industry.

The item will be produced in Ontario, utilizing Canadian labour and facilities. This makes it eligible for the domestic content material rules outlined in the Ontario Energy Authority’s FIT program. AeroRack will contribute to the creation of new jobs in Ontario as a result of the Green Energy Act.